Deluxe Double Room

Deluxe Double Room

Deluxe type rooms

The Deluxe double room is located on the top floor of the old mansion and is a continuation of the great Ontas, which was used to welcome visitors to the home feasts.

Its luxurious decoration combined with the view make it stand out from the rest of the rooms.

It is spacious and consists of a fireplace with elaborate paintings, antiques of invaluable value, oak floor, wooden carved ceiling with rosette, while its 5 windows offer panoramic views of Mikro Papigo, Vikos Gorge and the impressive Papigo Towers.

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Deluxe Double Room

Features & Amenities:

  • an Aloe Vera mattress
  • bed linen of the internationally renowned Guy Laroshe house
  • Pindo's wild Greek herbal cosmetics
  • flat cable TV
  • wireless internet
  • hairdryer
  • and shower