The gastronomic wealth of Zagori at the Restaurant

The absolutely beautiful setting is completed in the cafe-restaurant area.

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In addition to the traditional recipes with pure ingredients from the owners' family property and local producers, you will also enjoy unbeatable views, as its well-built hall, in Zagorian patterns, looks like it hovers over the rock.

The menu at Papigo Towers combines traditional recipes that are lost in the depths of the centuries with modern flavors and ideas. The main objective of the team is the pleasure of the modern visitor with his simultaneous initiation in the gastronomic history of the region.

The gastronomic wealth of Zagori

Corn was the main cereal of the Epirus land, cultivated in the mountainous fields and ground in the traditional watermills, a base for bread and pies.

The inaccessibility of the area restricted rural farming, with the result that the inhabitants turned to livestock and cheese-making.

Sheep's butter was the main ingredient in cooking since oil was scarce for the mountain breeders.

Meat - especially sheep and goats - and dairy products were the main food items of the Epirotes, and we must not forget the abundance of mushrooms, wild herbs and other forest fruits that accompanied the meats to cooked food.

Emblem of the region's gastronomic richness and especially in Zagori is that the pies, Batsaria and Kasopita are not found in any other part of Greece, but only in this particular region.